Property Tax

Nebraska’s farmers, ranchers, homeowners and small business owners in District 43 and across the state desperately need property tax relief. Our current property tax system is unsustainable and places an unfair burden on Nebraska property owners. While the Legislature’s increase of the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund is helpful, our property tax system needs structural reforms to provide the true relief Nebraskans need.


I am strongly pro-life and believe life begins at conception. I oppose taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion providers and support legislation to ban partial birth abortions. I support adoption options and crisis pregnancy centers and will do all I can to create a brighter future for all our children and grandchildren.


Our public schools fulfill the critical mission of preparing our children for the future. As a parent I understand the struggles of families across District 43 and will protect funding for K-12 public schools and ensure our rural schools get their fair share of education aid from the state government.

Immigration/Voter ID

America has always welcomed those who come to our country seeking freedom and opportunity. However, millions of illegal immigrants cross the border each year. They break the law to get here and don’t pay taxes but they use our public schools, flood our hospitals and strain government services across the board. I oppose a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants and oppose utilizing taxpayer dollars to fund benefits for illegal immigrants.

Economic Development

Continuing to grow the Nebraska economy, particularly in rural Nebraska, is vital to our long term success from border to border. Creating new opportunities that encourage our children to pursue careers in high-demand, great-paying professions is the first part of that formula. We must also continue to work to create a business environment that does more to expand job opportunities for our children by fostering the creation of small businesses across the state and at the same time attracting new businesses from outside the state. In doing so we create opportunities for our children to return home to after finishing their education which allows our communities to succeed.

Expand Ag Opportunities

Agriculture is the foundation of rural Nebraska and the backbone of the Nebraska economy. If we want to continue to grow Nebraska it is critical that we continue to grow our agricultural economy. Finding new markets for our agricultural products, expanding opportunities for value-added agriculture and reducing the property tax burden on our farmers and ranchers are all crucial steps to keep growing the Nebraska ag economy.

Rural Infrastructure

Quality infrastructure allows our economy to grow and helps keep our communities connected. I will be a strong advocate for infrastructure projects throughout the 43rd district including the completion of the Heartland Expressway and bringing high speed rural broadband to our communities.

2nd Amendment

I believe strongly in our constitutional right to keep and bear arms and believe the Second Amendment protects all firearms. I support Nebraska’s concealed carry law, will oppose any infringements of the Second Amendment, and will support the rights of Nebraska gun owners and sportsmen.